- Process it peeled ready to go veggies
- Peeled Onion, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot..etc
- Diced, Sliced, Shredded Selection of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit.

Ready to Eat - RTE


- Shredded Lettuce very popular, for kebab mixed  -
- salads all range including the most popular. ie.. coleslaw, potato, pasta, tabouleeh, juliene carrots



Fresh Fruits


Peeled, Diced, Sliced.. ie most popular pears and apples to order.


Wholesale Fruit & Veggies


Its got to be fresh naturally. At Olympic Providores we only supply the freshest and highest quality of produce.

Due to the fact that we use a collection of audited suppliers for each product, this allows us to choose the highest quality goods available on a daily basis.


Services we offer


At Olympic Providores customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance. For this reason we offer a number of services to our customers with the objective of meeting as many needs as possible.

We have listed a few of the services that we provide, however there are always new services that we are willing to take on board in order to facilitate our customer and meet their needs.


- Produce grading: Premium and standard
- Competitive daily pricing
- Six deliveries per week
- Computer invoicing
- Customised ordering
- Telephone and fax ordering
- Recycling of boxes
- Olympic Bulletin


Products we offer:  


- Fresh fruit and vegetable ranges including Organic
- Prepared and Processed fruit and vegetable