Five most commonly found problems & The Olympic Providores solutions


Q. Why does my delivery never arrive on time?


A. When choosing Olympic Providores as your preferred fruit and vegetable supplier we take the time to analyse all of your needs and wants. Delivery times play a major part in any successful kitchen and as such we will work with you to ensure your produce arrives at a convenient time. If there is ever any problem with us delivering to you at the time agreed we, will call to advise you of the delay, and let you know when to expect your delivery.


Q. How do I know what is going on at the markets?


A. Olympic Providores produce a weekly bulletin summarising what is happening at the markets – any fluctuations in price, quality and availability. We also include a comment box on every invoice highlighting any problems experienced at the markets or any great specials available.


Q. What happens if things are missing from my order?


A. If for any reason something is missing from your order, we will deliver to you on the same day at a time that is suitable to you. 


Q. Ooops I forgot to order something….


A. We are all human and sometimes these things can happen. If you realise that you have forgotten to order something or have just taken a large booking for lunch and need the extra produce, our daily second delivery service will take care of it. Let us know before midday and we will back!


Q. I get frustrated when the quality of produce is fluctuating


A. At Olympic Providores we pride ourselves on the quality and high standard of product that our buyers purchase from the markets daily. This does not however prevent the fluctuations in quality that can sometimes occur – mainly due to extreme weather conditions. If a product that you have ordered is affected we will always offer you a substitute until the original product is back on track.